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Proposed Maintenance Advisory — Heavy-duty in-cab air conditioning

Inspect the Evaporator Coil to see that it is free of dust, leaves, and other foreign material which may have been drawn through the air filter. Debris on the evaporator coil or fan blades will impair the cooling efficiency and reduce the air flow. Remove the debris by using a vacuum hose or air hose. Use care to prevent possible damage to near-by components such as blower wheels, wiring and capillary tubes. ASSURE THAT THE CONDENSATE DRAIN HOSE IS CLEAR OF ALL DEBRIS.

The Condenser Coil should be periodically cleaned in the same way to remove insects, leaves, straw, and other debris. A partially blocked condenser will cause excessive head pressure and reduce the cooling performance of the system and shorten the compressor and clutch life.

Inspect belts for proper tension. Loose belts cause slippage which results in intermittent cooling and BELT DAMAGE. Belts under excessive tension will place damaging stress on the clutch, compressor bearings and crankshaft. Too much tension will also reduce flex life of the belt. Retighten loose compressor belts to 100 lbs.

Inspect alignment of the clutch to the drive pulley. If the compressor has shifted out of alignment, belt wear and clutch bearing failure will result. Drive belt misalignment must not exceed .01 inch per inch. (1/8" per foot)

If the system is a combination heater and air conditioner, check to assure WATER VALVE SHUTS OFF WATER FLOW TO THE HEATER CORE.


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Since 1985, Tejas Mobile Air (TMA) has been providing New Installation, Parts, and Service for air conditioning systems on Heavy Equipment. Located in San Antonio, TMA serves most of central and south Texas with our three Mobile service vehicles.

We represent the major suppliers of heater and air conditioners, engineered specially for heavy duty vehicles. Stocking parts on our shelves to support all brands of aftermarket and O. E. M. air conditioning systems.

Tejas Mobile Air is a “can do company” when comes to installations of A/C systems. We can custom fit a unit in virtually any piece of equipment. We can also address diesel particulates, sound preservation and extreme comfort requirements. Additionally, our staff is MSHA safety trained and maintains annual refreshers certificates.

TMA wants to be your full service provider for all your cab comfort needs. From providing a cab for your machine, A/C Heat system, to preventive maintenance contracts, TMA can do the job for your company needs.

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